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About Us

Wood is a natural material

Each tree and every piece of solid wood has its own unique unmistakable qualities. As a result, each solid wood product has its own specific qualities. The characteristics of this particular raw material are the color and the diversity of the structure, the measurement , the growth, the irregularity of the fiber, the knots, the resin and the cracks vary according to the type of wood and place of growth of the plant.

On display and sale you can find Fences, pergolas, Gazebos, car-boxes, lamellar structures, planters, gratings, wood treated for outdoors, natural oils, impregnating agents, bio-insulators, hardware, garden and urban furniture, floors, beads, boards and much more, with many advantages that come from over 70 years of experience .
Every process can be made to measure, according to the particular needs and to the various situations. The public can take advantage of the excellent quality and experience signed by Rossana Legno, which guarantee a long life and above all arise from the skill and ingenuity of professionals in the sector, who work to sign the pleasure of living in nature with wood. in the natural.

Any processing of raw materials can & ograve; be made to measure to meet the needs of customers, in various situations. Both the home garden and the setting up of a public garden can take advantage of the excellent quality; of Rossana Legno products

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